Ladyburn scotch and private whisky tasting session

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    In the world of wine and spirits, it’s not always clear if a bottle is going to be worth collecting. But it’s been getting easier with whisky: if it’s no longer in production, get it. Ladyburn distillery was founded in 1966 as an extension of grain distillery Girvan, and it was closed after just nine years of operation. While Ladyburn has contributed to its many blended siblings in the Grant family, a Ladyburn single malt is much less common.

    Ladyburn 1974 40 Year Old is a limited-edition, single-batch release and the first Ladyburn bottling to be off ered to the public in 14 years. The delicious oily texture, oak and marzipan nose, and floral and dark chocolate flavours of this complex spirit are well worth discovering.

    Aiding you in this endeavour is Matthew Fergusson-Stewart, William Grant & Sons’ brand ambassador for South East Asia, who will join you and your friends for a private tasting session in the comfort of your own home or chosen location. Explore the varied nuances and tasting notes of the Ladyburn 1974 40 Year Old and tap into Fergusson-Stewart’s extensive knowledge of all things whisky related.


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