One-of-a-kind casks from Port Ellen and Brora

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    The trouble with rare bottlings is that there is seldom enough to go around. So for the generous among you, an entire cask will do the trick, and they don’t get more exclusive than one-of-a-kind casks from two closed distilleries.

    The first comes from Port Ellen, a malt mill that became a distillery in 1833. It was closed in 1983, but its bottles are reputed to be among Islay’s best. So you may expect great things from Cask No. 6139, filled on 25 September 1979 and with enough cask-strength smoky, vanilla sweetness to fill 520 bottles.

    Those who prefer the Highland style can opt for a cask from Brora instead. Its history dates back to 1819 and until 1973 it was known for heavily peated whiskies. But in its last decade it created whiskies in a lighter style, which you can sample in the 33-year-old Cask No. 556 and it will fill about 248 bottles.

    Both casks can be bottled immediately or stored at their respective warehouses for four years, after which they will become the world’s first Port Ellen 40 Year Old and Brora 38 Year Old ever to be released.

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