A Panerai timepiece and a Florentine adventure

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    Before the advent of electricity, bells and chimes were the only ways to tell time once darkness fell. It was for this reason that the minute repeater mechanism was invented, and it is precisely because of this technical significance that keeps collectors interested today. The complication is particularly important to Panerai due to the brand’s association with the Italian navy. On ships, the striking of the bell marks meal times, rouses the crew in the morning and indicates the end of each watch.

    Panerai pays tribute to its maritime legacy with the Radiomir 1940 Minute Repeater Carillon Tourbillon GMT PAM600. Housing the manufacture movement P.2005/MR, the watch strikes the time with three hammers instead of the more traditional two, so the resultant chime has more of a melody. The repeater function can be used for both the local time and the second time zone, effectively making it a double hour and minute repeater mechanism.

    Purchase this timepiece (or another watch, subject to agreement with the brand) to enjoy a private tour of the brand’s manufacture and a comprehensive tour of Florence, its birth city.

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