A Night of Port Colheita and Truffles at Ma Cuisine Singapore

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  • Get ready to devour 100 grams of black winter truffles in a single night.

    Since its opening early this year, gasto-wine bar Ma Cuisine has been causing a buzz boasting one of the most extensive wine list with a menu of over 600 labels, and with cuisine to match, too.

    In line with its vision to depart from tradition and give wine lovers a unique drinking experience — shophouse setting, industrial decor, and an uncomplicated menu — Ma Cuisine is hosting a night of Port Colheita and truffle extravaganza on the evening of 24 May.

    Colheita is a single-vintage tawny port, which constitutes only one percent of all Port wines, and Ma Cuisine is offering nine of them from the years 1934 to 1990.

    The exquisite Port lineup is paired with none other than the promised 100 grams of black winter truffle. Hard to imagine it won’t be one of the top gastronomic experiences of the year.

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