The Andaz Superfood Salad Lounge, our new lunchtime hangout

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  • The latest addition to Andaz’s multi-concept dining Alley on 25 is one for the kale-seekers. About time, too. What’s an ultra-modern city hotel without meals that include flax seeds and quinoa?

    And did we mention unlimited servings of those nutrient hoarders? Yes, a new DIY, buffet-style Superfood Salad Lounge opens at Icehaus, the cold kitchen of Alley on 25.

    Available during weekdays lunch ($18++) and dinner ($28++), expect the usual suspects of the superfood family, and more. There will also be hearty soups, lean meats, iced teas, and dinner even features premium chilled seafood and cheese stations.

    Now, go eat your fill and not feel a shred of guilt!

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