The Spot celebrates National Day for an entire week with a local menu

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  • Barely three months since its opening, The Spot has built quite a buzz as an after-hours dining destination in the CBD. For its first National Day, The Spot’s kitchen and bar have taken the opportunity to showcase the finesse and fun in their cuisine. Chef Lee Boon Seng and mixologist Drazen Alingasa are offering bold witty twists on local favourites, particularly ubiquitous hawker fare.

    Only available from 6 to 11 August, try cocktails like Kopiko, an espresso-based concoction with reduced dark beer that has been infused in-house with cloves and cinnamon. For those who need their shots of gin or whisky, you’ll find them in Gulamerah Sling, inspired by the pink cup of bandung, and Mr. Bean, a take on our soy-milk-and-grass-jelly drink combination.

    Of course, you’d expect the ingenuity of the food to match. Chef Lee has reimagined the Orh Luak Oyster Omelette, where a whole French oyster is served on a creamy bed of scrambled eggs, pork lard, fermented chili, and ikura. Also not to be missed is White Laksa, a pairing of both assam and nonya laksas. Here, the prawn is replaced with butter-poached Boston lobster, with a spiced coconut foam clinging onto thin somen.

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