Try the burger made just for historic Trump-Kim Summit at Sinfonia Ristorante

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  • Ever since our peace-loving island got dragged into international spotlight for being the meeting place for what could be a make-or-break moment in history between the US and North Korea, there have been mixed reactions about the Trump-Kim Summit.

    But they are coming and we got to make the best of it. If all else fails, consider this: If there’s one thing Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un can agree on, is that they both openly expressed they love a good burger. And contemporary Italian restaurant Sinfonia Ristorante has just the burger for both of them.

    The chef has dreamed up The R.W.B to commemorate the Trump-Kim summit. R.W.B stands, of course, for red, white and blue, the colours of both countries’ flags (okay, sign the treaty already).

    The burger is no tuck-shop food, either. It features Japanese Wagyu beef topped with caviar (red), deep-fried chicken slider with aioli sauce (white), and (blue) cheese sauce.

    Sounds like at least one good thing has come out of this summit already.

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